Mobility Management Certification and Continuing Education

Mobility Managers are encouraged to seek certification. Certification is awarded following successful completion of:

  • Six (6) courses in Professional Development
  • Eight (8) courses in Professional Information
  • Six of nine (6 of 9) courses in Management Skills
  • Four of ten (4 of 10) electives
  • One (1) 45-minute presentation 
  • Final Examination

WAMM members have the opportunity to pursue certification. To become a certified Mobility Manager send an email to our Professional Development Committee Chair and a committee member will contact you with the curriculumtracker, process and expectations. 

Certified Mobility Managers are required to complete continuing education  in order to be up to date with current transportation needs and trends and maintain their WAMM Certification. 

The continuing education requirement includes:

  • Completing 8 hours of in-person training each year
  • Mentoring a new mobility manage,
  • Logging  attendance ie. WAMM membership, Board, committee meetings and/or conference calls each year. Here is the Log Form

Members are encouraged to share stories of mobility management successes. Please email the Website Committee and share your story with us.

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Wisconsin Association of Mobility Managers is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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