WAMM Resources

In its role as educator WAMM creates material - documents, presentations and policy papers - that support the practice of mobility management and that educate and train mobility managers. Two of WAMM's standing committees are dedicated to education and training. WAMM members not currently serving on a committee are encouraged to consider joining either the Professional Development or the Training, Conference and Meeting committees. A quick message to the Secretary can get you on a committee in a hurry.

Originally Posted Resources

WAMM's first website was a wordpress blog. The creator lost login information and has not been able to maintain that blog. The last time it was edited was late spring 2010. This link will get you to that original list of resources. These documents supported some of the original mobility management projects in Wisconsin and, as long as they are available, may have some historical value as well as the intrinsic value that keeps this link active. In the event you choose to use any of these resources, please credit WAMM and, if you can, the original program. There are networking possibilities in this list!

Conference and Seminar Resources

These resources were originally presented in conferences or seminars by Wisconsin Mobility Managers. This list will grow over time and will have resources that may no longer be applicable. Please feel free to see what's available and use what you can. In the event that you find something here that you want to use, please credit WAMM when you use it. In the event that you are not a member of WAMM and use one of these resources, please consider joining WAMM!

Links of Note and Merit

The websites, blogs and other internet links listed below have found favor with Wisconsin's Mobility Managers. There is much useful information here as well as several informed and insightful opinions!

Small Urban & Rural Transit Center
The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute of North Dakota State University at Fargo. SURTC publishes a great Rural Transit Fact book and a Research Digest that helps keep mobility managers up to date.
Center for Urban Transportation Research
This research center at the University of South Florida is an internationally recognized resource for policymakers, transportation professionals and the general public.
National Center for Mobility Management
The go-to site for Mobility Management. This United We Ride initiative is an FTA site operated in partnership with CTAA, Easter Seals and APTA. Their mission is to facilitate communities to adopt transportation strategies and mobility options that empower people to live independently, and advance health, economic vitality, self-sufficiency, and community. This is a great source for training, information, blogs, newsletters and contact information specific to Mobility Management in all 50 states.